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13 June 2010 @ 04:09 pm
Pond. Amy Pond.  
A picspam in honor of the gloriosity of Amy Pond's hair and the Doctor's hilarious face. Also, because I'm still trying to work out whether or not I 'ship them, but at least they're pretty.

Pictures from here and here and here.

I'm positive there is not a female Who fan in existence who does not want Karen Gillan's hair. <3

I'm not sure who that guy she's with is, but his presence makes me sad and his shirt makes me happy. :(

Awwww, he is happy. :D HI, DOCTOR!

Huuuuuuuuuugs. Almost as adorable as Doctor/Rose hugs. :P

Amy Pond may be scared, but that does not mean she won't walk through an obstacle course of Weeping Angels with her eyes closed and come out not exactly scathed.

This is so me when my dad takes us to museums. "CAN WE GO NOW?"

The Doctor does not like to salute or be saluted. Unless it's by Rose Tyler.


Why are they both so pretty?

lol cowboy boots. I would probably own some if they weren't so much and I wasn't about to go off to college without having yet found a job. :(

Gaaaaaaaah Karen Gillan not fair.

This show needs moar tiny!Amelia. Just sayin'.

See? Isn't she adorable?

Their forehead touches make me squee.

See? Squee!

Amyyyyy! Sunflowerssssss! <3


Amy Pond is not amused.

I mostly love this because his hair cracks me up.

It doesn't really matter that you can't see their faces because the colorrrrrrrrrs. O_O <3

This picture screams EPIC at me.


I really really want to crochet an Amy Pond doll in this outfit.

The Doctor approves. Amy Pond is not so sure. :P

In conclusion... I have no idea. Paternal Doctor is the best. :P

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